Tweets of 14th May


they brag too much on here.
05-14 08:30

Tweets of 13th May


@umyeahnopeplz faggot bitch.
05-13 14:59

RT @bbbreakfasttt: i streamed for 20 hours and finished the inuyasha print for acen --
05-13 12:05

its christmas here what.about you.
05-13 09:16

@umyeahnopeplz wrong bitch to talk to please leave. rolo. mother fucker.
05-13 06:45

@umyeahnopeplz groupie hoar.
05-13 06:45

@umyeahnopeplz i cant stand ur bitch ass ur fake.
05-13 06:44

@umyeahnopeplz retarded as bitch them drawings are fake. dont nobody invent shit for peace faggot.
05-13 06:43

@umyeahnopeplz um dookie bitch we talk to u when we say dont draw no more. japanses bitch get raped.
05-13 06:42

take ur asian ass off before ur get raped on the internet. date rape loving bitch.
05-13 06:36

rolo that shiy. okay dick van dike.
05-13 06:35

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Tweets of 12th May


@Ero_Pinku @inmapollito i bought one from amazon i love it. where did you get your from.
05-12 11:00

I just got sick. let find out when i will get better. やな花寄らやな花より。
05-12 04:22

Tweets of 11th May


what game is this. 屋那覇にやらやな花寄らやな。
05-11 10:59

Tweets of 8th May


sorry wrong comment area.
05-08 06:11

@SoundlessWind whats cipher work it sound fun.梁はなよな花やらやぬ花。
05-08 06:10

cutto and hats of to you.やな花木な花やらゃな花。
05-08 06:03

RT @YamioSama: Stream on! ♥
05-08 06:01

if i wasnt insisnting on it you would termated it anyways. やな墓に花屋らやぬ花かな。
05-08 06:00

it convey emotion also. 梁は中な花揺らない。
05-08 05:58

is this sanas stage. やな花木那覇ユナ花。
05-08 01:51