Tweets of 7th May


its the number in perinthese () and the 000-0000
05-07 15:24

ja ne.
05-07 14:58

That was a great hunny bunny.谷中ヒナやらやな。
05-07 14:46

i hope my feet know where there walking to cus i dont. ヤナはぬかなはなよらやぬ花木な花ゃらやぬ花寄らやね花。
05-07 14:43

girl where are you selling your doujinshi at.ヨヌはなよなはなよ等やぬはなよらやぬ花やらヨナ花。
05-07 14:40

@missdreamsubs what a fabulous show they meet several times a week. やな墓に花やらやぬ履かぬ花から。
05-07 14:36

that was one of the coolest events to go to.梁は我那覇やら。
05-07 14:34

this use to be a contest. how cool to see it again. ヤナは中なひなやら脂から。
05-07 14:32

you make sure to write your name somewhere on it.梁は仲に。
05-07 12:56

@BChieftainy @hitsukuya where would i stick the stickers at if i where to buy some.sorry i speak chinese.与那覇ぬやらよな花寄らやな。
05-07 12:53

05-07 10:19

im a limonade stand GENUIS.
05-07 10:18

@little_misere its cool to see you back hope you feel better soon.脂花屋らや無駄なダム。
05-07 09:51

@ladykayzay this so you.
05-07 09:50

@kenneos add an anime poster between the tv to set the entrire look off.屋那覇にやらやな。
05-07 09:48

stick an anime poster between the tv.湯な花寄らやめたなよマヤな花。
05-07 09:46

quit renaming shit with cute as chibi.nanes. use the real on givin to you.やな埴輪ぬ花屋らや。
05-07 09:44

some of yall art be sparkly as hell. jk. thoughよな花屋らや棚。
05-07 09:43

your english is not that bad. too me.屋に花ゆらやな。
05-07 09:39

not until we can let it evils go. lol
05-07 09:32

Yay congratulations. Youve got you a whole box full of them.やな花湯那覇に.
05-07 09:30

05-07 09:25

i seen this one it only summrizes there chest length.梁はぬかなユナ花。
05-07 09:21

might tempting donut.
05-07 09:19


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