cosplay kingdom

adult you like kids. no not really. i like kids. then why are you wearing that one.

adult you see mom. no but i see you.

these are such lovely dresses. how special.

looks like theres no way over it. over what. him. dont talk.

i get 5 times to lose you here. i lose you here too. also.

never you mind its a terrorist. its your mom. she says pick up the phone now.

now i like inma. inma r. who.

shes starting her own thing now. this is the truth.

the truth where did you need it. i need it right now.

right now well where is it going.

i like how you look. i like how we look. i love the apartments.

apartments are great. apartments are cool. apartments are your moms friend.

cheap fruit. cheap apple. cheap pears.

cheap no it all. cheap me. suddenly me.

suddenly it. suddenly her.

an obstacles course. an obstacle corse.

get in.

get in one free.

stop using these. these are all of a sudden.

no your not. no you not going to be there. no your not him.

i have a husband. i love him. he i my everything. he is me.

ge is me and. we are love. we are separte. because of you.

we are here. he are her. we are live. we love cars. we love

we love cars. we love people.

we care for you. we care for them. you stole that.

from him. for me. we have me. we have him. we have everything.

no this is illegal. this is loved. thus is you. this is us.

i hate retro. i hate retro. i hate retro. i hate retro.

i love you. i love you. i love you.

today. is love. today is me. today is him.


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