Fairys Landing Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Fairy Fumble Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Aah. Help me. Im stuck up here.

Oh no someone is stuck.

Aah. Im falling.

There you go. I got you. Wow youve got fairy wings. You must be a fairy.

I no my communicator has brokened. I wont be able to be free for a while. Oh no my foot has broken.

Look there she is.

Oh no. Where did she go.
Ill never be able to find her in this crowd.

Wait where are you running.

I think that her right there.

Oh no i cant talk. Im owned by the human that saw me now.

Where do you think you two are going. You wont find the princess before. I will.

Oh no its her.

Ill change into my fairy form theres no way. I can bet her. Shes to strong.

Here shiro use this changing disk it will hide you form.

Wow. I\'ve changed shape.

Yeah this way so they don\'t realize who you are. Use some attacks. Use your staff. Wow your strong. Just like the old Iro i use to no. Try another. Yeah you got her. That will be the last of her.

I think she drained all my energy. I fill weak....

No matter where you will go. Princess i will find you. No matter if take me till the end of time.


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