i eat fruit of the japanese korean outfit. just like hiromi and janirot.
boi boi. have fun.

ultimate fun .

Tweets of 14th May


they brag too much on here.
05-14 08:30

Tweets of 13th May


@umyeahnopeplz faggot bitch.
05-13 14:59

RT @bbbreakfasttt: i streamed for 20 hours and finished the inuyasha print for acen --
05-13 12:05

its christmas here what.about you.
05-13 09:16

@umyeahnopeplz wrong bitch to talk to please leave. rolo. mother fucker.
05-13 06:45

@umyeahnopeplz groupie hoar.
05-13 06:45

@umyeahnopeplz i cant stand ur bitch ass ur fake.
05-13 06:44

@umyeahnopeplz retarded as bitch them drawings are fake. dont nobody invent shit for peace faggot.
05-13 06:43

@umyeahnopeplz um dookie bitch we talk to u when we say dont draw no more. japanses bitch get raped.
05-13 06:42

take ur asian ass off before ur get raped on the internet. date rape loving bitch.
05-13 06:36

rolo that shiy. okay dick van dike.
05-13 06:35

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Tweets of 12th May


@Ero_Pinku @inmapollito i bought one from amazon i love it. where did you get your from.
05-12 11:00

I just got sick. let find out when i will get better. やな花寄らやな花より。
05-12 04:22

Tweets of 11th May


what game is this. 屋那覇にやらやな花寄らやな。
05-11 10:59

Tweets of 8th May


sorry wrong comment area.
05-08 06:11

@SoundlessWind whats cipher work it sound fun.梁はなよな花やらやぬ花。
05-08 06:10

cutto and hats of to you.やな花木な花やらゃな花。
05-08 06:03

RT @YamioSama: Stream on! ♥
05-08 06:01

if i wasnt insisnting on it you would termated it anyways. やな墓に花屋らやぬ花かな。
05-08 06:00

it convey emotion also. 梁は中な花揺らない。
05-08 05:58

is this sanas stage. やな花木那覇ユナ花。
05-08 01:51

This town is scary i dont know what here. the animal crossing folks here are tired. what did tbone say the weather would be like.

Tweets of 7th May


its the number in perinthese () and the 000-0000
05-07 15:24

ja ne.
05-07 14:58

That was a great hunny bunny.谷中ヒナやらやな。
05-07 14:46

i hope my feet know where there walking to cus i dont. ヤナはぬかなはなよらやぬ花木な花ゃらやぬ花寄らやね花。
05-07 14:43

girl where are you selling your doujinshi at.ヨヌはなよなはなよ等やぬはなよらやぬ花やらヨナ花。
05-07 14:40

@missdreamsubs what a fabulous show they meet several times a week. やな墓に花やらやぬ履かぬ花から。
05-07 14:36

that was one of the coolest events to go to.梁は我那覇やら。
05-07 14:34

this use to be a contest. how cool to see it again. ヤナは中なひなやら脂から。
05-07 14:32

you make sure to write your name somewhere on it.梁は仲に。
05-07 12:56

@BChieftainy @hitsukuya where would i stick the stickers at if i where to buy some.sorry i speak chinese.与那覇ぬやらよな花寄らやな。
05-07 12:53

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