Victoria en grove.

for my interview with victoria Secerts. the told me to gain weight.


not only did i not know how much. i didnt know what type they ment.


it was coool to find out that they arent always thin.


they weight about 250 plus.


so when i had my interview i was the second thinest.


so it was a surprise to me.

that they look like football player women.


and you get to be part of the team.
you are miss channels.lolita and her cheerleader.


Humidity Anime Website.

An anime artist.

Deleter Mangashop

An afrimated list of what to buy for you manga or manga collection needs.

Writer Wanders

My writer blog about story books.

Geisha Blog

a blog about inner city asia as well as inner city japan.

Cut Peice Strawberry

Simple Cut Strawberry and Sugar.
My top lolita recipe.

Orange Slices dipped in milk chocolate.

Mashmellows and dipped chocolate.

Tweets of 16th April


RT @pinochi_kun: i was cleaning files and found my 3 years ago digital art and im like WELL SHIT SOMEONE KILL IT PLZ Ww theleft2isnew https…
04-16 10:45

im tired of veing sick in japan. how about you guys too.ヨヌはぬやぬはなよらやぬ羽。
04-16 10:35

Ranpha keeps talking to me lately. She says. hi im missing a tooth amber alert. im missing too. missing the action
04-16 10:34

i have bad nasal cogestion. ヨヌ花代に。
04-16 08:48

Tweets of 13th April


im not the only one this surprised at me intellegence.
04-13 05:30

Tweets of 11th April


RT @bunpril: people who go through random people's tweets and insert themselves in conversations are weird
04-11 10:15

RT @PikaskaterC: And I remember him clearly bc he stapled his money together???
04-11 06:01

Check out "Tory Lanez"

Check out "Tory Lanez"