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Create and sell your own books using true print-on-demand technology!

No setup fees or minimum quantities.Black and white books with full color covers.Choose from Saddle Stitch, Wire-O or Perfect Bound binding options.Choose from 5 book sizes.

Visit our Learning Center for information on how to publish your book!

Pricing includes book production, order management, fulfillment and customer service. You choose the retail price and earn the difference between the retail price and our base price.

The pricing is based on the number of pages in your book plus the type of binding you wish to offer. For example, the base price for a 100-page perfect-bound book would be $10.00, and you set the retail price. Base prices are the same for all book sizes.

Binding Types

The shopPing list of a mangaka.

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Watch "進化形まんが家究極セットでカラーイラストを描こう!" on YouTube

Watch "進化形まんが家究極セットでカラーイラストを描こう!" on YouTube

Tweets of 29th March


i heard the mystery was up to them. but they dont leave it up to them. thEy dress for them. ...a japanese age thing.
03-29 14:40

im having the hardest time as a asian americian understanding what im suppose to do about...hitting the 22 years.
03-29 14:37

Animefest Panel.

AnimeFest is a non-profit fan run organization. We rely on volunteers to not only staff necessary functions like Registration and Video Theaters, but also to run panels, workshops, and creative activities. This page has the details on how to volunteer to run a panel.

Please don't use this page to submit ideas for panels you want to attend. This is the place to submit panels you (and possibly others) want to run. Use ourGoogle+ Community or Facebook page to try to convince others to run a panel.


Submit your PanelPromote your PanelWait for Acceptance/RejectionBadgesPrepare for Your PanelPick up your badgeRun your PanelView Feedback on your Panel

1) Submission of Your Panel

Please read these instructions carefully before you Submit and Manage your Panels

Complete the submission form for your panel/workshop/gameshow etc.

We will not be accepting ask a character panels this year. You can still run your panel in character, but your panel will not be accepted if it is in the ask a character format.

2) Promote your Panel

AnimeFest Panel staff will make the final determination if your panel will be accepted and scheduled. Many factors will weigh on their decision, but an important part is for fellow AnimeFest members to "Vote" for your panel idea. Each submitted panel will have its own page on our site. You can share this page on social networks to encourage others to support your idea. Keep in mind that only current AnimeFest members (paid registrants) and staff can Vote for your panel. This ensures that no one can "stuff" the ballot.

3) Wait for Acceptance / Rejection

AnimeFest Panel staff will reveiw your submisssion and decide if it is approved or rejected. Please read the reason your sumbission was rejected!Sometimes, suggestions are rejected because more detail is needed or the description needs editing for spelling and grammatical errors.

4) Badges

This year we will be giving panelist badges to all approved panels! Since we are trying a new format there will be some ground rules:

1) If you have to miss a panel for any reason please let someone know on panels staff. There will be panel staffers at the panels kiosk that you can let me know of your cancellation. During the convention we will try to check email as often as possible but please don't count on this as the main way to let us know.

Only 4 badges will be given per group.

Please us know at least an hour in advance so we can make the proper cancellations and updates to the schedule.

2) If you miss your panel without letting a panel staff member at the panel kiosk know about it, your badge will be turned off. In these cases you will need to seek out the panels manager, Patrick Vega, to get your badge turned back on.

5) Prepare for your Panel

If your panel is accepted, you will need to spend time preparing. We encourage you to use visuals, like samples of your work or using a laptop to present slides. Tools like Google Apps Presenter, Prezi, MS PowerPoint, and Apple Keynote can go a long way towards making your panel look polished.

6) Pick up your badge

Pick up your badge noting you are a Panelist at the Panels Kiosk. All panelists who have approved panels will be obtaining a badge. Please have all of the members on your panel(s) prior to 2 weeks before the convention so that they all can receive a panelist badge.

7) Run your Panel

Make sure that you keep track of when your panel is scheduled and show up on time. You will need to make sure that you arrive at registration at least two hours prior to your panel and arrive at your panel 10 minutes before start. There will be members of our panel staff and Audio/Video crew on hand to make sure you have the equipment specified, but you must arrive early to give them time to help.

Remember, an hour long panel should have no more than 45 minutes of content to allow for questions and time to wrap up in a timely manner.

7) View Feedback on your Panel

AnimeFest members will be able to post feedback on your panel(s). AnimeFest staff will be reviewing this feedback and it will weigh in to decisions on approving future panels.

Tweets of 28th March


this diet is for the bird.ヨヌはなよ羅ヨナはぬやらやぬはぬ。
03-28 07:56

hey @kennos are you look for any buddys. i would love to share my manga dolls with you.
03-28 07:52

i just hit my 5th month of excersising.
03-28 07:47

my water coloring is done for a while.
03-28 07:46

Happy Ending Artbook

Happy Endings Artbok Contest (OPEN)

by GamerGirl0608, Mar 1, 2016, 6:01:43 PMJournals / Personal

Update 03/13/16: NEW PRIZES!!

Theme: Love and Friendship
The artwork must focus on finding that one person who lights your way even when everything else seems dark. It can be fantasy related, like the handsome prince saves the beautiful princess. Or something more realistic, like the shy lonely girl finally had a friend. It can also be based off of songs, shows, children's stories, or whatever the artist can think of.

US Letter 8.5” x 11”, 300 dpi, CMYK + include a bleed margin of 3 mm on all sides

- MUST be your own work, FULLY COLORED
- MUST have at least one character in the illustration
- MUST be in full color with a background, but will accept simple backgrounds. 
- CAN be digital/traditional
- LIMITED to 3 entries, but only ONE will be choosen

All and any OCs
Multiple Characters
Large detailed backgrounds

Not Allowed ...
Sexual nudity, blood, gore & violence unless approved
Fanart or tracing(of anything copyrighted) 
Sketches or unfinished art works
Huge watermarks or text over the image (very small signature is OK)
Using brushes or stock that does not permit commercial use
Old artwork

Submission Guidelines 
-Make a journal/poll about this group and this journal. Please leave a link in the description below to be validated.
-The submission MUST follow Rules and Guidelines
- In Artist's Description, you MUST provide the group's icon and the following:
    -DA Username:
    - Preferred name in artbook:
    -Description of your piece that you would like in the artbook:

Deadline: June 10th

1st Place
Artwork in Happy Endings
Free copy of "Happy Endings" (must pay for shipping)
 watch + 200 points

2nd Place:
Artwork in Happy Endings
Free copy of "Happy Endings" (must pay for shipping)
 watch + 150 points

3rd Place:
Artwork in Happy Endings
Free copy of "Happy Endings" (must pay for shipping)
 watch + 100 points

4th Place
Artwork in Happy Endings
Free copy of "Happy Endings" (must pay for shipping)
 watch + 50 points

5th Place
Artwork in Happy Endings
Free copy of "Happy Endings" (must pay for shipping)

(NOTE: Not all will be chosen if there are not enough suitable entries)

Prize donations are WELCOME! 
Good luck and Have fun guys!
(Sorry, I decided to start this early due to I had nothing else to do today <- will delete later)

Tweets of 27th March


@kenneos what a lovely lolicon. her sisters are.jelous by now.
03-27 23:36

thats whats up.夜に埴谷。
03-27 09:21

RT @kenneos: As a foreign manga artist, i think I have to try be better than japanese artists. But... There are so many awesome japanese ar…
03-27 09:19

The Smurf im smurfette.

her cg little body is actually ment to look like me.

My oh my

the black knight from scoobydoo the movie. live action.