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My lanuage studying is ten times fold. Now i love how it turned out.湯那覇にやらユナはな与那覇にやらよな花。
02-28 03:03

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that last one i didnt mean to type. i ment to say my heache of the hook.湯に放なよ。
02-24 05:09

my gas is rediculous right now.
02-24 03:11

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some times したがしたけどしたけどが。やな日な槍な。ユナは似やら湯な。やな花ヨナは寄らやなは。
02-23 08:46

@DrewMJS theres a few. but there all called knockoff.
02-23 05:08

Warehouse Rulings

Warehousing and Fulfillment

PrintNinja is proud to offer multiple warehousing and fulfillment options. We can store your books, ship cartons to you as you need them, and even fulfill orders by shipping individual copies to your customers. You may divert part or all of your order to PrintNinja’s warehouse near our offices in Evanston, IL to take advantage of our services. This will require a custom shipping quote and may add up to three weeks to the shipping time of these books (copies going elsewhere will take the normal amount of time).

Please note:
-All orders ship via USPS or UPS, unless otherwise requested prior to sending fulfillment order to PrintNinja
-No insurance added to postage, unless otherwise requested prior to sending fulfillment order to PrintNinja
-Customer must provide bona fide customs value for all international shipments

Warehousing / Storage

Many customers don’t have the space to store thousands of books, so our warehouse is a great way to relieve some of that burden. We’ll let you know when the boxes arrive and you can contact us whenever you need us to send you some.

Receiving Fees:

$0 for orders printed with PrintNinja

Storage Costs:

$1 per box per month, or $20 per pallet per month* (1 pallet is 1 cubic meter)

*free storage through December 31, 2016

Shipping Fees:

Domestic Boxes: $2 per box + postageDomestic Pallets: $20 per pallet + postageInternational Boxes: $3 per box + postageInternational Pallets: $30 per pallet + postage

Individual Pick and Pack Fulfillment

PrintNinja can provide direct mailing services for your order. This is a great way to get your customers or Kickstarter backers their copies without having to drop hundreds of packages off at the post office.

Shipping Fees:

Domestic Units: $1 per shipment + packaging + postage + $0.25 for each additional item (for example, Kickstarter backer rewards)International Units: $2 per shipment + packaging + postage + $0.25 for each additional item (for example, Kickstarter backer rewards)

Sample Pricing (your order pricing may vary):

32-page hardcover children’s book via media mail: $0.75 packaging (padded envelope), $3.22 US postage32-page comic book via media mail: $1.75 packaging (padded envelope and two boards), $3.22 US postage100-page graphic novel via media mail: $.75 packaging (padded envelope), $3.22 US postage

Large Scale Sorting and Fulfillment

If you’re working on a much larger operation that requires a bit more planning than individual pick and pack fulfillment then we can help out with that too. This would be quoted on a case-by-case basis depending on size of shipped items, quantity, and more.

Payment Terms

Credit Card kept on file. When an order is submitted we will ship the items as described, charge 

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ヨナはなよなはなゆ。whats up man.
02-21 15:53

i ran out of black marker.ユナは似やら湯また。
02-21 15:52

what the difference between mad and in pain.百菜はニャルやナビやらぬ。
02-21 15:51

@Hammuchuchu whats drawpile? RT.
02-21 15:48

I finished part one to Alice Nine. I cant wait to see it come to life.ユニはぬやら脂から。与那覇にやらゆ。
02-21 15:45

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im bloated. (¯―¯٥)
02-20 10:45

Spring Competition

09 Feb 2016

☆.* .*:Spring Convention Competition’★:*:♪’☆

Convention season is approaching, and quickly! Even if you aren't a con-goer, spring is full of events, and all are fine!

For me, the biggun is Anime Boston, coming up on March 25-27

The first round will go from February 15th to March 25th, and if there is still interest I will create a second round.


Update as often as you like, but at least once a week.


I know I'll be cosplaying, but I really, really don't want pictures taken of me and my massive legs like they were last year, so I bring you a competition! There will not be a set diet and exercise regimen, however, there will be eight teams: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, orange, and grey. The teams will be competing to lose the highest percentage of their starting weight. The actual weight matters less than the percent, to keep it fair. 

Since it is harder to lose weight at a low BMI, those with a BMI under 18.5 can count 1.5x percent, else the motivation will wane. 

Your team will be your little, mini competition family. They will be five competitors per team unless there is a lot of interest. This'll start as soon as the teams are filled.

The Teams

Red Team - FULL

Total Start Weight: 839.1lbs

Total Weight Lost:

% Lost:

(graceful_12, 65.5, SW 165, CW 165, BMI 27)

(Hefty Hanna, 64, SW 216.3, CW 216.3, BMI 37.1)

(Jamie (trainwreckbeauty), 65, SW 158, CW 158, BMI 26.3)

(Bella1, 63, SW 163.2, CW 163.2, BMI 28.9)

(Elizabeth0, 60, SW 136.8, CW 136.8, BMI 26.7)

Yellow Team - FULL

Total Start Weight: 774.6lbs

Total Weight Lost:

% Lost:

(Ket, 65, SW 88, CW 88, BMI 14.6)

(Dee (thinwaistnthigh), 67, SW 174, CW 174, BMI 27.2)

(Nez, 66, SW 134, CW 134, BMI 21.6)

(Megan (cooldog123), 71, SW 223.2, CW 223.2, BMI 31.1)

(Kate (radicalface), 71, SW 155.4, CW 155.4, BMI 21.7)

Green Team - FULL

Total Start Weight: 621.8lbs

Total Weight Lost:

% Lost:

(decaying-delirium, 64, SW 103, CW 103, BMI 17.7)

(anke (amfetamine), 67, SW 129, CW 129, BMI 20.2)

(Kaito (自殺の), 71, SW 146.6, CW 146.6, BMI 20.4)

(Kitty<3, 59, SW 84, CW 84, BMI 17)

(Rv25, 65, SW 132.2, CW 132.2, BMI 22)

Blue Team - FULL

Total Start Weight: 647.8lbs

Total Weight Lost:

% Lost:

(Hannah (Still-not-happy), 64, SW 154, CW 154, BMI 26.4)

(Celeste (Falling_once_more), 64, SW 133, CW 133, BMI 22.8)

(Littlemiss16, 62, SW 108, CW 108, BMI 19.8)

(Marie50813, 60, SW 128, CW 128, BMI 25)

(Allie (ketamines), 68, SW 124.8, CW 124.8, BMI 19)

Purple Team - FULL

Total Start Weight: 757.4lbs

Total Weight Lost: 1.1lbs

% Lost: 0.15%

(Janus Thickey, 66, SW 145.2, CW 145.2, BMI 23.4)

(Ace_Of_Spades, 66, SW 160.7, CW 160.7, BMI 25.9)

(demise, 65, SW 143.4, CW 142.3, BMI 23.7)

(Katy (♡kitten♡), 61, SW 142.6, CW 142.6, BMI 26.9)

(Talli (omgitzmarie), 66, SW 165.5, CW 165.5, BMI 26.7)

Pink Team - FULL

Total Start Weight: 745.5lbs

Total Weight Lost:

% Lost:

(Xemile, 66, SW 133.5, CW 133.5, BMI 21.5)

(Alexa (ana36kgplease), 63, SW 128, CW 128, BMI 22.7)

(Chamyleon, 63, SW 138, CW 138, BMI 24.4)

(Saerlyria, 67, SW 219, CW 218, BMI 34.1)

(Pandemonium, 64, SW 127, CW 127, BMI 21.8)

Orange Team - FULL

Total Start Weight: 603.8+lbs

Total Weight Lost:

% Lost:

(Jay (Mermaid's Tale), 61, SW 191, CW 191, BMI 36.1)

(Cherry (Sweet Cherry's), 66.5, SW 126.5, CW 126.5, BMI 20.1)

(Dyingtoloseitall, 64, SW , CW , BMI 0)

(Devon (DyingforThis), 69, SW 165.3, CW 165.3, BMI 24.4)

(Freyak, 63, SW 121, CW 121, BMI 21.4)

Grey Team - FULL

Total Start Weight: 689.6lbs

Total Weight Lost:

% Lost:

(Beck (Beckk5913), 67, SW 165, CW 165, BMI 25.8)

(A (RecoveringInWonderland), 60, SW 110, CW 110, BMI 21.5)

(Luca (littlestprince), 61, SW 128.6, CW 128.6, BMI 24.3)

(Avy, 65, SW 148, CW 148, BMI 24.6)

(neverhaveiever, 62, SW 138, CW 138, BMI 25.2)




Application Form:


Age (optional):




Team (Choose top two):

Con/Event? (optional):


Update Form:







Notes (optional):

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You think you can tell how many pages there doing. you cant neither can i. ルナ早ぬはやれやな船やらヨナは寄らやなは。
02-18 02:05

Alice no love

He is nobody.
He is me.
I love me.

Beowulf as Grendal

Beowulf as grendal.
i played the whole thing.