deviant art commission

it seems like im not as popular as I use to be anymore. I don't remember who I got there I just remember that it took forever. But I guess I have to find my way back up to the top again.

I created a forum.

im just going to play with it for the fun of it. and then delete it.

but I dont think that I will use it that much.

another telsukita

looks like my entry did not work and ill have to make another two. but other than that. staying up let and sleeping early isn't really that fun if you don't do anything with it.

looks like Im not going to reenter. it wasn't for me anyway. I felt pushed to do it. At least i still have independent publishing in my control.

staying awake

staying up late might have u tired but it has me sleepy. ill never know what the difference is between the two things. i've been typing sleepy lately. Happy sleeping you guys.

depression testing

Do I Have a Personality Disorder? --
-- $linkText2 --

notes in japanese

Notes en japanese.

@Japanese stay young and live young like children.
@Korea is japanese sister
@Asian study the whole thing before they get there.
@itt technology ,art institute of pittsburg,
@Read stuff about your figure and hygiene ritual.
@Add cornstarch to baby powder.

telsukita fanzine

i found a fanzine that will publish my work also. I've sent in a submission and im waiting to here from them. on how well i've done.

realism in manga

lately i have been sad alot. so i didn't know how i could do manga with so many people making it difficult to understand what should be going on in that area. so many people draw far to realitstic so it annoys me to see who is suppose to be drawing it. but i could tell you that that are not one of them. there's a difference from manga and graphic novels...thoughs are graphic novels and there irreating to look at. they spend 80hrs screentoning and looking at them. i just look like it takes to long. i like to say they have gone the wrong direction. that's no longer manga but a highly illustrated story. lol. so it don't count. not to mention you can tell there showing off a little to much. so you can count them out of the race.

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korean manwha

korean manga is in now as of a few years ago. i hope that no one can take that away from me. I also hope that I do well at collectioning this. I wasn't so go at collecting the other one.

millxtaku doujinshi book

Im so excited to be working on the galaxy angel doujinshi. I believe this one will turn out great. if i can finish the whole thing. I know also know that I won't be bored the whole time repeating the same thing over and over. the manga was short stories about cute event that happen on galaxy angel ship.
My first manga will be published as soon as I address it to them that I have changed from a manga to a doujinshi.
ill set the due date for april 21. to see how much I can get done in that time. so be prepared to look for me. Ill be going by Christmas..koon. which is my nickname. i might change my name around to experiment on it a little. Im also going to use this blog and close down another to give free tips on publishing doujinshi. i would love to see more doujinshi. i think we all would so im opening a minature shop. to teach people.

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