pretty star power

kumiko solo missions.
Pretty Star Power.
Created by Puma

models envy

don't be an actress just be miss america.

dont be miss america

red meat cus you going to keep dying.

plastic surgery

no offense look like this with plastic surgery. actually i heard it was hard to look like anything or anybody. so dont worry. you dont look stupid. you look great.

i heard alot of asain women get plastic surgery. its only because of all the rude comments and back lash we have been getting. and it really aint back lash its. makeup the are wearing. so you snooze you lose.

model planning

receed into the pose like ancient eygptian.

fall into the pose.

aoi grace.

rewrite the rules.

writing the rules
from now in you start over in middle school.

the league of league

names of characters. kkid

manga ideas

wish-about being younger to older to date a guy.

my sister and I-about turn from younger girl to older krystal help people out. with angel wings.

to get rid of procrastination

raise money it get back home.
your a lost kitty trying to get home.

you hold your arms up in the air for a second and then drop them.


with modeling after the agent gets to see you you do all the model yourself. by yourself agency. like with self publishing.

manga planning

why don't you make her brother evil.
evil emperor.
held his parents captive for money.
along side with little witch.
held parent for ransom.
eldest boyfriend evil

young sister Mage
elder sister Warrior
elder brother Fighter

Evil corporation is the name if the evil side.

evil witch is kumiko dark side
and good boyfriend use to be evil boyfriend of others side.
kumiko is good witch

kumiko takeshi
yuko takeshi
brother takeshi
boyfriend takeshi
evil kumiko
evil emperor boyfriends. also has white hair.

her hair will turn white once she turns to a certain mode and she will become an ancient templer

one who has built the school templer kumiko
this story is about ancient chinese guideist and there systems.

and so will her sisters hair
kumiko is a twin tsunami

eldest brother/boyfriend warrior evil
little witch is mage friend
befriend friend without magic. she is the keeper of peace.

will not earn outfit yet...

I want to write a story where little girls could have sex with her master.

parents get fed up with there attitude and decided to send them packing to St. Sage Academy. were they learn the arts of the sword and then when they least expected. evil corporation strike with a few of there experiments to set the record straight.

Not only that little kumiko has just entered a middle school. with failing behind on test, a boyfriend who is a few years older will train her and become her higher educated boy guardian warrior.

in the art of ruling an entire kingdom

they might be the only one to save.

kumiko goes to school in order to come a strong mage only to realize that the classes are to hard and that she might fail...her boyfriend just a few years older than her volunteers to help.
but they met outside during a battle

the are dorm anticient Templars

st. sage academy

these ideas change so much that i have a hard time deciding which one that I should use and which one not to use.

modelina es
reference artwork.

its called

I would learn the art of directing on camera.