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Happy Ending Artbook

Happy Endings Artbok Contest (OPEN)

by GamerGirl0608, Mar 1, 2016, 6:01:43 PMJournals / Personal

Update 03/13/16: NEW PRIZES!!

Theme: Love and Friendship
The artwork must focus on finding that one person who lights your way even when everything else seems dark. It can be fantasy related, like the handsome prince saves the beautiful princess. Or something more realistic, like the shy lonely girl finally had a friend. It can also be based off of songs, shows, children's stories, or whatever the artist can think of.

US Letter 8.5” x 11”, 300 dpi, CMYK + include a bleed margin of 3 mm on all sides

- MUST be your own work, FULLY COLORED
- MUST have at least one character in the illustration
- MUST be in full color with a background, but will accept simple backgrounds. 
- CAN be digital/traditional
- LIMITED to 3 entries, but only ONE will be choosen

All and any OCs
Multiple Characters
Large detailed backgrounds

Not Allowed ...
Sexual nudity, blood, gore & violence unless approved
Fanart or tracing(of anything copyrighted) 
Sketches or unfinished art works
Huge watermarks or text over the image (very small signature is OK)
Using brushes or stock that does not permit commercial use
Old artwork

Submission Guidelines 
-Make a journal/poll about this group and this journal. Please leave a link in the description below to be validated.
-The submission MUST follow Rules and Guidelines
- In Artist's Description, you MUST provide the group's icon and the following:
    -DA Username:
    - Preferred name in artbook:
    -Description of your piece that you would like in the artbook:

Deadline: June 10th

1st Place
Artwork in Happy Endings
Free copy of "Happy Endings" (must pay for shipping)
 watch + 200 points

2nd Place:
Artwork in Happy Endings
Free copy of "Happy Endings" (must pay for shipping)
 watch + 150 points

3rd Place:
Artwork in Happy Endings
Free copy of "Happy Endings" (must pay for shipping)
 watch + 100 points

4th Place
Artwork in Happy Endings
Free copy of "Happy Endings" (must pay for shipping)
 watch + 50 points

5th Place
Artwork in Happy Endings
Free copy of "Happy Endings" (must pay for shipping)

(NOTE: Not all will be chosen if there are not enough suitable entries)

Prize donations are WELCOME! 
Good luck and Have fun guys!
(Sorry, I decided to start this early due to I had nothing else to do today <- will delete later)

Aggrement at will

While working with you must kmow the difference between right and wrong.

while being shallow ill do it for fun.

When you do you cant be shallow. thats all it takes to ruin it.

while workinh with you ill work for fun.

it shallow to be rude name . its rude to be fun. name.

Fairy Fumble Manga Preview.

About Manga.
Fairy fumble

Today marks the official point that make me done with Fairy Fumble Volume 1. Its really cool finally getting my manga out there.
It shouldn't take me that long to screentone it. And have a few copies sent out to me. It should be fun.

Ow. My head hurts from all this manga work. I should stop for a while.

St.Sage Academy Process.

I just looked at all the work im doing. it looks like its moving slow. But I think this is a good pace to work in... No.. not really. Im going to pick up the pace.

im not done yet. I still need the companies opinions on how everything should look.