Dating time.

so i was dating a while ago. when i knew that it would be selfish to just date one person. so i had to go out on a date with alot of people.

im not the only one that has noticed. its not right to do that. so i will wait untill you are avaliable until i asked.

Alice no love

He is nobody.
He is me.
I love me.

cosplay kingdom

adult you like kids. no not really. i like kids. then why are you wearing that one.

adult you see mom. no but i see you.

these are such lovely dresses. how special.

looks like theres no way over it. over what. him. dont talk.

i get 5 times to lose you here. i lose you here too. also.

never you mind its a terrorist. its your mom. she says pick up the phone now.

now i like inma. inma r. who.

shes starting her own thing now. this is the truth.

the truth where did you need it. i need it right now.

right now well where is it going.

i like how you look. i like how we look. i love the apartments.

apartments are great. apartments are cool. apartments are your moms friend.

cheap fruit. cheap apple. cheap pears.

cheap no it all. cheap me. suddenly me.

suddenly it. suddenly her.

an obstacles course. an obstacle corse.

get in.

get in one free.

stop using these. these are all of a sudden.

no your not. no you not going to be there. no your not him.

i have a husband. i love him. he i my everything. he is me.

ge is me and. we are love. we are separte. because of you.

we are here. he are her. we are live. we love cars. we love

we love cars. we love people.

we care for you. we care for them. you stole that.

from him. for me. we have me. we have him. we have everything.

no this is illegal. this is loved. thus is you. this is us.

i hate retro. i hate retro. i hate retro. i hate retro.

i love you. i love you. i love you.

today. is love. today is me. today is him.

Alice 9th dialogue.

click click click

you just called me.

she keep getting her heartbroken.

man i wish there was something i could do about it.

theres no way to deal

with this right now.

theres nothing going on here anymore.

Fairys Landing Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Fairy Fumble Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Aah. Help me. Im stuck up here.

Oh no someone is stuck.

Aah. Im falling.

There you go. I got you. Wow youve got fairy wings. You must be a fairy.

I no my communicator has brokened. I wont be able to be free for a while. Oh no my foot has broken.

Look there she is.

Oh no. Where did she go.
Ill never be able to find her in this crowd.

Wait where are you running.

I think that her right there.

Oh no i cant talk. Im owned by the human that saw me now.

Where do you think you two are going. You wont find the princess before. I will.

Oh no its her.

Ill change into my fairy form theres no way. I can bet her. Shes to strong.

Here shiro use this changing disk it will hide you form.

Wow. I\'ve changed shape.

Yeah this way so they don\'t realize who you are. Use some attacks. Use your staff. Wow your strong. Just like the old Iro i use to no. Try another. Yeah you got her. That will be the last of her.

I think she drained all my energy. I fill weak....

No matter where you will go. Princess i will find you. No matter if take me till the end of time.