Watch "Anime Himouto Umaru-Chan Nendoroid - Kawaii Anime Figure Unboxing & Review" on YouTube

Watch "Anime Himouto Umaru-Chan Nendoroi...(2016/12/10 Sat 18:26 Cosplay Puma

so he is a liar.

so this year there is no christmas街な圭...(2016/12/06 Tue 13:52 Anime related (Japanese)

2 chapter 7 files. same files. for fairy...(2016/07/30 Sat 23:20 Cosplay Puma

Dating time.

so i was dating a while ago. when i knew...(2016/06/17 Fri 18:57 Category: Novels


i eat fruit of the japanese korean outfi...(2016/05/25 Wed 09:58 Reality Check

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Victoria en grove.

for my interview with victoria Secerts. ...(2016/04/27 Wed 08:23 Reality Check

Humidity Anime Website.

http://humidity01.weebly.comAn anime art...(2016/04/22 Fri 13:05 Website Links

Deleter Mangashop

http://deleter-mangashop.comAn afrimated...(2016/04/22 Fri 12:46 Website Links

Writer Wanders Thu 17:58 Website Links

Geisha Blog

http://www.geishablog.coma blog about in...(2016/04/21 Thu 17:47 Website Links

Cut Peice Strawberry

Simple Cut Strawberry and Sugar. My top ...(2016/04/20 Wed 16:58 Reality Check

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Check out "Tory Lanez"

Check out "Tory Lanez"...(2016/04/11 Mon 12:54 Project Circle

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Watch "【ジョジョ】 漫画家 「荒木飛呂彦」 ✕ 作曲家 「千住明」 対談 (2013年)" on YouTube

Watch "【ジョジョ】 漫画家 「荒木飛呂彦...(2016/04/04 Mon 18:31 About Manga

Cafe Press

SHOPCREATESELLGIFTSAll ▼Publishing Learn...(2016/04/02 Sat 07:23 About Manga

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Cafepress Buy and.sell.

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The shopPing list of a mangaka.

toothpasteunderwaretoothbrushface scrubb...(2016/03/31 Thu 17:24 Reality Check

Watch "進化形まんが家究極セットでカラーイラストを描こう!" on YouTube

Watch "進化形まんが家究極セットでカラー...(2016/03/31 Thu 12:25 About Manga

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Animefest Panel.

AnimeFest is a non-profit fan run organi...(2016/03/29 Tue 05:07 About Manga

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Happy Ending Artbook

Happy Endings Artbok Contest (OPEN)by Ga...(2016/03/28 Mon 18:01 Comic Projects

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The Smurf im smurfette.

her cg little body is actually ment to l...(2016/03/26 Sat 05:23 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

My oh my

the black knight from scoobydoo the movi...(2016/03/26 Sat 05:21 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

Calorie Restriction Diet.

The Calorie Restriction DietAs a model ...(2016/03/25 Fri 21:59 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

Deadpol back in action.

me as deadpool on the cover of entertain...(2016/03/25 Fri 21:50 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

Salt n Pepper

i was.once supposly taught that i was as...(2016/03/25 Fri 21:48 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

Deadpols meany.

Bang Bang Bang its krystal back again as...(2016/03/25 Fri 21:03 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

The girls verses the boys.

girls generation say the call it quits a...(2016/03/25 Fri 20:52 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

Stubborn Mule.

so the story about kyo no one knows abou...(2016/03/25 Fri 20:41 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

Auntie Koge Donbo.

so miss angelina jolie or should i say w...(2016/03/25 Fri 20:35 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

Dear Grandma

the lead singer to girls generation is s...(2016/03/25 Fri 20:23 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

Model Mangament

so theres this new thing called gaining ...(2016/03/25 Fri 20:21 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

Carrie to mangament.

so mad at my agent right now he told me ...(2016/03/25 Fri 20:19 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)

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Happy Birthday.

thank you so much for the birthday gift ...(2016/03/20 Sun 17:15 Anime Art in (English)

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oui-jeriumi...(2016/03/17 Thu 15:33 Anime Art in (English)

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Warehouse Rulings

Warehousing and FulfillmentPrintNinja is...(2016/02/23 Tue 14:53 Project Circle

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Spring Competition

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Alice no love

He is nobody. He is me.I love me....(2016/02/18 Thu 21:10 Category: Novels

Beowulf as Grendal

Beowulf as grendal.i played the whole th...(2016/02/17 Wed 18:01 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

I sang for. i act for. i live for it.

hi everyone i sing for converse shoes (e...(2016/02/17 Wed 13:10 Reality Check

Aggrement at will

While working with you must kmow the dif...(2016/02/17 Wed 02:59 Comic Projects

cosplay kingdom

adult you like kids. no not really. i li...(2016/02/16 Tue 10:42 Category: Novels

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Alice 9th dialogue.

click click clickyou just called me.she ...(2016/02/12 Fri 10:59 Category: Novels

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The handbook of visitation.

one must always wear a suit.屋には与那覇...(2016/02/10 Wed 03:22 Reality Check

Morning Cosplay. must take there own pictures. if ...(2016/02/04 Thu 04:54 Written backward in (Catonese)

Fairys Landing Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Chapter 1Fairy Fumble Chapter...(2016/02/01 Mon 19:39 Category: Novels

Fairy Landing.

on distant planet of fair land.there are...(2016/02/01 Mon 19:09 Category: Novels

this months on korea.

this time switch to korea. 롤러코스터 격...(2016/01/28 Thu 18:02 Cosplay Puma


adding japanese it not that easyit goes ...(2016/01/27 Wed 18:33 Anime related (Japanese)


introductory me.might judge you ahoy.jud...(2016/01/27 Wed 15:24 Anime related (Japanese)


this is shanghai.can u believe she got t...(2016/01/27 Wed 15:17 Written backward in (Catonese)


The year of the monkey is this year. so ...(2016/01/27 Wed 15:09 Reality Check

300 streak diet.

the big boobie (error) diet.にかさはなき...(2016/01/27 Wed 14:52 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

age grouping.

i guess im old enough to talk about the ...(2016/01/27 Wed 14:33 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

many thanks.

i wanted to tell hiromi and nemu thank s...(2016/01/26 Tue 08:01 Written backward in (Catonese)

Welcome to St. Sage Academy.

welcome to st sage academy.where student...(2016/01/26 Tue 07:40 Category: Novels

the fast ritual of the japanese diet.

the 300 diettoothpastesoapwatertoothpast...(2016/01/25 Mon 21:54 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

moe toots

名は課さぬ梁は木佐那由多ハラミ。wow i ha...(2016/01/25 Mon 21:11 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

benefit concert

how many times am i gonna run into a for...(2016/01/25 Mon 17:21 Anime related (Japanese)

benefit concert

how many times am i gonna run into a for...(2016/01/25 Mon 17:21 Anime related (Japanese)

the case of computer boobies.

You got a case of computer boobiesChibic...(2016/01/25 Mon 17:04 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

28 pounds of fitness.

Well. I can lose this on my own.(and on ...(2015/11/09 Mon 13:33 Cosplay Puma

Deviant Art- Saintofmoney

...(2015/05/04 Mon 15:56 About Manga

Deviant Art Comission 2

...(2015/05/02 Sat 16:47 About Manga

Deviant Art Commission 1.

...(2015/05/02 Sat 16:45 About Manga

Deviant Art Commission

(i am trying to breath)a color image....(2015/05/02 Sat 16:43 About Manga

plan manga.

plan manga panels and(open a new box)(op...(2015/05/01 Fri 04:38 Anime Art in (English)

About finishing manga.

Im scared of concluding a manga.Im scare...(2015/05/01 Fri 04:36 Anime Art in (English)

Manga to do lists.

Manga 1/60Illustration1/5How to book.1/0...(2015/04/23 Thu 05:47 Anime Art in (English)

Fairy Fumble Manga Preview.

Fc3.About Manga.Fairy fumbleToday marks ...(2015/04/19 Sun 15:36 Comic Projects

Deviant Art-Crymsonite...Ivy16

...(2015/04/19 Sun 10:22 Anime Art in (English)


as fortune tell you see things and here ...(2015/04/18 Sat 15:55 Cosplay Puma

Deviantart Lady-Alternate

...(2015/04/18 Sat 14:49 Anime Art in (English)

St.Sage Academy Process.

I just looked at all the work im doing. ...(2015/04/18 Sat 05:15 Comic Projects

Pregancy People

i really dislike that when one person ge...(2015/04/18 Sat 05:00 Reality Check

Sore Throat.

Popsicles. LOTS of popsicles. And gargle...(2015/04/17 Fri 01:03 Comic Projects

Comiket Manga

(a must enter right now every year)...(2015/04/16 Thu 16:59 Project Circle

Deviant Art- Photodebugger

...(2015/04/16 Thu 11:25 Cosplay Puma

Meloreals Galaxy Angel.

a picture for ©meloreal that I drew....(2015/04/16 Thu 06:13 About Manga

DeviantArt-Heavier Lobster

...(2015/04/15 Wed 09:01 Comic Projects

Akon Artist Alley

AllyssinianAmanda BellAngela TranAngry P...(2015/04/12 Sun 00:25 About Manga

Shower Schedule

Shower Schedule Saturday SundayMonday We...(2015/04/09 Thu 02:55 Anime Art in (English)

Retreat Express.

im going to try a new thing. Staying in ...(2015/04/08 Wed 23:33 Anime Art in (English)

Tweets of 3rd April

chibicat16 A got meloreal to work for. ...(2015/04/04 Sat 03:43 Cosplay Puma

Akon Dealer list

Dealers List 2015by Mike | Mar 20, 2015 ...(2015/04/02 Thu 23:52 Comic Projects

Comiket table.

...(2015/04/02 Thu 15:23 Anime related (Japanese)

Step to make an anime.

Here’s a recap:PlanningConcept DesignCha...(2015/04/01 Wed 08:59 Comic Projects

Comic Resource items

Issue information:Series TitleIssue Numb...(2015/03/31 Tue 23:55 Comic Projects

Zen habits

zen habits : breatheHow to Change Your L...(2015/03/29 Sun 21:14 Reality Check


so i finished chapter 1 and i have a hug...(2015/03/24 Tue 16:27 Comic Projects

3 hours later

i just fininshed drawing chapter 1 and m...(2015/03/24 Tue 03:53 Comic Projects

progress page.

page done17/60Artist Alley here I go....(2015/03/22 Sun 03:53 Comic Projects

Fairy Fumble Information.

60 pages1 volume3 chapter4 Chapter Bios1...(2015/03/22 Sun 03:51 Comic Projects

manga thus far.

30 front and back pages left. for manga ...(2015/03/22 Sun 03:24 Comic Projects


...(2015/03/20 Fri 22:54 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 22:53 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 22:52 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 22:51 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 22:50 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 22:49 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 22:48 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 22:48 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 22:46 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 22:11 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 21:34 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 20:44 Anime Art in (English)


...(2015/03/20 Fri 20:34 Anime Art in (English)


screentoning in photoshopcolor all shade...(2015/03/16 Mon 14:26 Comic Projects

find a circle

find a circlelove::heartthat you could g...(2015/03/16 Mon 00:22 Project Circle

comic update.

i did some more manga pages. it starting...(2015/03/15 Sun 18:56 Comic Projects

tablets coming....

I ordered a tablet. huion pro it should ...(2015/03/13 Fri 14:48 Anime Art in (English)

Animefest Tickets

So i just bought my tickets for animefes...(2015/03/11 Wed 15:17 Anime related (Japanese)


Japanese Mangaka love stero types.Sports...(2015/03/10 Tue 13:00 Project Circle

What we are.

We are a doujin circle or art circle tha...(2015/03/10 Tue 12:58 Project Circle

Our inspiration

Inspiring MangakaInspiring ArtistPastel ...(2015/03/10 Tue 12:57 Project Circle

what we do.

Character PagesCharacter InfoScripts/Man...(2015/03/10 Tue 12:55 Project Circle


20 membersShoujo/ Bishoujo/Mangaka/ Comi...(2015/03/10 Tue 12:53 Project Circle


its so aggerivating when your on the ver...(2015/03/08 Sun 21:23 Reality Check

comic pile

well im going to have to redraw these si...(2015/03/08 Sun 03:00 Comic Projects

mean people

there's nothing that make me anger than ...(2015/03/06 Fri 14:44 Reality Check

selling some

it looks like all the book is in japanes...(2015/03/06 Fri 02:11 Comic Projects

doujin progress

ta da. look at all the work I just did i...(2015/03/06 Fri 02:00 Comic Projects

another days illustration book

ive been slowly collecting data for an i...(2015/03/05 Thu 19:31 Comic Projects

maid sama

i wanted to go maid sama shopping for so...(2015/03/05 Thu 19:20 Cosplay Puma

the using up of things fad

is it me or did everyone do the vocaloid...(2015/03/05 Thu 16:23 About Manga

mean people.

i dont know what it is put gaiaonline la...(2015/03/04 Wed 13:41 Anime Art in (English)

deviant art commission

it seems like im not as popular as I use...(2015/02/28 Sat 20:37 Comic Projects

another telsukita

looks like my entry did not work and ill...(2015/02/28 Sat 18:28 Comic Projects

staying awake

staying up late might have u tired but i...(2015/02/28 Sat 03:33 Comic Projects

depression testing

DisorderResultParanoidDisorderHighSchizo...(2015/02/28 Sat 03:26 Cosplay Puma

notes in japanese

Notes en japanese.@Japanese stay young a...(2015/02/28 Sat 00:34 Cosplay Puma

telsukita fanzine

i found a fanzine that will publish my w...(2015/02/27 Fri 22:34 Cosplay Puma

realism in manga

lately i have been sad alot. so i didn't...(2015/02/27 Fri 22:32 About Manga

korean manwha

korean manga is in now as of a few years...(2015/02/27 Fri 22:24 Written backward in (Catonese)

millxtaku doujinshi book

Im so excited to be working on the galax...(2015/02/27 Fri 21:02 Comic Projects

manga means

So i have decided to start here and that...(2015/01/23 Fri 22:08 About Manga

pretty star power

kumiko solo missions.Pretty Star Power.C...(2014/11/20 Thu 16:15 About Manga

models envy

don't be an actress just be miss america...(2014/11/19 Wed 03:19 Cosplay Puma

plastic surgery

no offense look like this with plastic s...(2014/11/18 Tue 20:46 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

model planning

receed into the pose like ancient eygpti...(2014/11/18 Tue 12:24 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

rewrite the rules.

writing the rulesfrom now in you start o...(2014/11/14 Fri 16:36 Category: Novels

the league of league

names of kkid...(2014/11/12 Wed 18:46 Category: Novels

manga ideas

wish-about being younger to older to dat...(2014/11/11 Tue 13:31 Cosplay Puma

to get rid of procrastination

raise money it get back home.your a lost...(2014/11/06 Thu 06:28 Anime Art in (English)

manga planning

why don't you make her brother evil. evi...(2014/11/05 Wed 22:18 Anime related (Japanese)

modelina esreference artwork.its called ...(2014/11/03 Mon 16:11 Cosplay Puma

painting info

blending mix colors place mai...(2014/11/03 Mon 16:10 Cosplay Puma

mail order bride idol

myspace order bride category....(2014/11/03 Mon 14:56 Cosplay Puma

photography how to

camera angled is not from you.its placed...(2014/11/03 Mon 14:15 Written backward in (Catonese)

the photography scandal portrait.

picture shung gua sword is the camera ey...(2014/11/03 Mon 14:02 Written backward in (Catonese)

the dating game

a novelle series of truth and fictions....(2014/11/02 Sun 19:35 Cosplay Puma

with more on writing

korean is piling words on top of each ot...(2014/10/31 Fri 13:47 Category: Novels

manga in a way

TOFUGUA Japanese Language & Culture Blog...(2014/10/30 Thu 13:33 Anime Art in (English)

the geisha way.

the stories you write are for geisha wor...(2014/10/27 Mon 23:49 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

photography model

photography study all mediums of art. a ...(2014/10/27 Mon 16:43 Modelina (en Portaguese.)

the gods without trail.

Megan Page.a movie (how about a book a s...(2014/10/27 Mon 09:46 Category: Novels

sunday vendors

sunday vendors 35 sunday. traidor villa...(2014/10/26 Sun 18:33 Cosplay Puma

tips with or might be sailor moon

sailor moon is always trapped in a doll ...(2014/10/25 Sat 20:04 Written backward in (Catonese)

no introduction necessary

The Emperors Diaries.By Christina Da Um ...(2014/10/25 Sat 11:29 Princess Diaries: The Emperist Story (English)


taking fashion design classes to span yo...(2014/10/24 Fri 16:53 Anime Art in (English)

scooter new.

HomeNew ScootersVespaPiaggioGenuineUralP...(2014/10/23 Thu 20:47 Cosplay Puma

editing video

Record the action, displays the reason, ...(2014/10/23 Thu 15:44 Anime Art in (English)

Fd line Story

Write the character Padme from Queen Ame...(2014/10/23 Thu 06:21 Anime related (Japanese)

st. sage academy

Manga Rewritewhen I translate it to japa...(2014/10/22 Wed 22:12 Anime Art in (English)

permission so to speak

Home | Seller's Permit | Seller's Permi...(2014/10/22 Wed 19:00 Anime related (Japanese)

write english and transfer over to asian translator

since you already speak that language, i...(2014/10/21 Tue 18:08 Cosplay Puma

super hit

one hit your out that ...(2014/10/21 Tue 16:08 Written backward in (Catonese)

Manga Merchandise.

at the next craftshow hand out free merc...(2014/10/21 Tue 09:38 Anime Art in (English)

One is with to change another.

to speak by racial is to be completely s...(2014/10/20 Mon 15:12 Anime Art in (English)

the little hole fillin

a great i tried to adopt her. ill always...(2014/10/20 Mon 13:05 Cosplay Puma

The little emperess.

this shall be the momentAlice in Dreamla...(2014/10/20 Mon 01:55 Cosplay Puma

Princess Pastels Handbags Project

I would like to bring to you my all new ...(2014/10/18 Sat 13:48 Anime Art in (English)

Hanura stand alone fashion assessory.

for your pubic hair, collective. aka hor...(2014/10/18 Sat 13:28 Written backward in (Catonese)

studio mini millennium

book writing under S...(2014/10/18 Sat 13:18 Anime related (Japanese)

cosplay lolita code name puma

puma is no a lolita watch as I journey i...(2014/10/18 Sat 13:07 Anime related (Japanese)

Raw manga downloads.

Free Download Manga Raw http://excnn.blo...(2014/10/18 Sat 10:31 Anime related (Japanese)

adopting a language

Adopting a language. is a lot like adopt...(2014/10/17 Fri 20:09 Cosplay Puma


Manwha and anime design. Unique for the ...(2014/10/12 Sun 16:33 Cosplay Puma

China China China Follow the leader

Insiteful we shall learn of contemporary...(2014/10/12 Sun 15:59 Cosplay Puma